【Official】Auberge Funoki

Auberge with a total of 7 rooms standing on a vast site of 60,000 square meters.Spend a night of gastronomy while admiring the spectacular view of the megaliths and the forest.

A vast site of 60,000 square meters in nature

French full course by a chef trained in France

  • Yabakei Valley Cuisine

    The chef of this facility who trained in the gourmet town of Lyon.
    Please enjoy the original "Yabakei Valley Cuisine" that makes use of the ingredients around Yabakei Valley.
    The restaurant is like a European mountain villa where you can see huge stones and greenery up close from the large windows.

A rustic open-air bath surrounded by Yabakei Valley

Two rooms connected to Yabakei Valley, all detached rooms

  • Two-room detached room

    All the guest rooms in the hotel are detached rooms, each of which has a spacious structure with two adjacent rooms.
    Outside the window, there is a garden that leads to Yabakei Valley, and when you sit by the window, you will feel as if you are in the middle of nature.


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Auberge Funoki


3190 Shinyaba, Yabakei Town, Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture

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