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Nature and surrounding information

The four seasons of Yabakei

  • fellowship with nature

    • Take a stroll

      The vast site of about 60,000 tsubo is Shinyabakei Valley itself.There is also a walking path for guests of the hotel only.
      How about taking a walk while listening to the sounds of nature?
    • feeding wild birds

      When the weather is nice, you can feed wild birds in the garden.
      You will be healed by the cute appearance that comes close to your hand.
      Please enjoy the "extraordinary" with an experience different from usual.
    • love wood grain

      The lobby next to the front desk has wooden desks and chairs, creating a warm atmosphere.
      Please take a look at the handmade items that make you feel relieved just by touching your fingertips.
    • Playing with Breath

      A new life is born from a seed that falls on the rock surface.The grace of nature that comes out of nowhere is full of kindness and reminds us of "something" we had forgotten.
    • Yabakei Cycling Terminal

      About 15 minutes by car from the hotel.
      Tandem cycle, sports type cycle, etc.
      Various types of bicycles are available for rent.
      【Regular holiday】Wednesday